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Expert Rug Cleaners

If your rug is overdue a clean, we can offer our expert cleaning services to you in Swansea or in the surrounding locations. Rugs can become dirty very quickly as they are often positioned where they get walked on by family members and pets. Harvesting grime, bacteria and odours, they can often be difficult to clean, especially large ones. With our cleaning services, we will assess your rug and choose the best method to use for a thorough clean. So, if you are looking for a reliable and professional company, just get in touch with our experienced team today.

Revive Your Rugs

No matter the type of rug you have, whether it is a hallway runner, large expensive Persian rug, stair runner or something else, we will make sure that we use a cleaning method that is gentle enough for the type of fabric. We can control the temperature, pressure and chemicals with our specialist equipment to ensure the material is thoroughly cleaned without damage. So, whether you have a woollen, faux fur, chenille, silk rug or something else, we can recommend the best way to clean it. If you are worried about the type of rug that you have, just give our experienced team a call to discuss your needs.

Remove Odours & Bacteria

With our specialist equipment and technical expertise, we will bring your rug back from the brink. Whether it has a stubborn stain, has lost its vibrancy or it has become overtly smelly, our cleaning methods and detergents will make it look and smell like new. The cleaning methods that we use means that we can control the temperature and pressure for a deeper cleanse. With this in mind, if you are worried about the hygiene of your rug, we can use higher temperatures which are able to kill off bacteria and germs. Just get in touch for more information.


Contact Steam Genie

For a thorough and gentle rug clean in Swansea and beyond, get in touch with us!

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